PEOPLE in Bolton are being challenged to lay off the booze for a month to raise money for Cancer Research UK as the charity launches its latest fundraising campaign, Dryathlon.

Men and women are being asked to pledge now to give up alcohol in January and raise money for vital research into cancer.

Every hour, more than four people are diagnosed with the disease in the North West.

And for those who do not feel they can commit to the full four weeks, there is the opportunity to purchase a Golden Pass for a suggested donation of £15, which allows the owner to take 24 hours off.

Jane Bullock, Cancer Research UK spokesman for the North West, said: “We wanted to explore the concept of willpower as we launch Dryathlon because we know that getting North West folk to go dry for January is going to be a challenge for some, and it will take an element of willpower to succeed.

“And our survey highlights some very interesting results for the region.”

Robert West, Professor of Health Psychology at the Cancer Research UK Health Behaviour Research Centre, added: “When you take exposure to temptation and strength of desire out of the equation you are left with this thing called willpower — the force that our plans have in controlling our actions. Individuals with more willpower are probably more likely to achieve their objectives, whatever these might be.”

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