A THIEF who stole a computer game from a supermarket to give to his brother as a Christmas gift has been jailed.

Bolton Magistrates’ Court heard that Michael Allen, aged 23, turned his back on the magistrates and refused to listen when he was sent down for 12 weeks.

The court heard that Allen went to Asda at Burnden Park and tried to steal a Black Ops 2 game. He went into a changing room with some trousers, took the disc out of the box and wrapped it in foil he had taken in with him and tried to smuggle it out of the store under his armpit.

He was also in possession of a screwdriver.

Allen pleaded guilty to theft and going equipped. The court heard that in 2011 he was given a suspended sentence and drug rehabilitation order which he breached and ended up serving the rest of the sentence.

Earlier this year Allen received another suspended sentence which he breached and was recently release.

Chairman of the bench Sue Tonks said: “It strikes me that there has been situations where help and support is offered to you and you have thrown that back in the face of everyone and offended.

“As it is so close to you coming out of prison on the last occasion for theft that you need to have more time to think about what you are going to do when you come out.”

She added that his outstanding £1,200 fine has now been wiped so he has a clean slate when he is released.