BOLTON residents are being urged to recycle their Christmas trees and other household waste following the festive season.

Recycle for Greater Manchester says this time of year sees people generating more rubbish and has produced a list of tips to help cut waste and benefit the environment.

Over the two months between December, 2011, and January, 2012, Bolton residents recycled 1,797 tonnes of paper, 1,685 tonnes of plastic bottles, glass bottles and jars, aerosol cans and tin foil, 514 tonnes of garden and food waste and more than three tonnes of real Christmas trees.

This year Bolton Council has joined forces with Bolton Community Transport Furniture Services to recycle Christmas trees.

For a charge of £9, residents can have their trees collected and recycled, or they can take their trees to their nearest recycling centre.

They can also recycle them in their green bins — but first they must be chopped into smaller pieces.

Recycle for Greater Manchester, which comprises waste firm Viridor Laing and the Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority, aims to encourage all residents in the region to reduce, re-use and recycle to help lower the amount of waste sent to landfill.

Karen Hall, from Recycle for Greater Manchester, said: “These tips are a great reminder of reducing, re-using and recycling during the festive season.

“You will be amazed at what you can recycle at home and also what you can take to your local recycling centre.

“So let’s all enjoy a green festive season that doesn’t cost the earth.”

To arrange for a Christmas tree to be collected, contact Bolton Community Transport Furniture Services on 01204 364777.

For more information on recycling or on finding the nearest recycling centre, visit recycleforgreater