VOLUNTEERS from Bolton Mountain Rescue Team spent more than 163 days on 101 incidents in 2012.

This equates to 3,928 hours spent rescuing people and searching for those missing.

Bolton MRT has released the figures to demonstrate how much time its volunteers donate to helping others.

The figure does not include volunteers’ time when they are cleaning vehicles, replenishing kit and retrieving equipment from hospitals after incidents.

Throughout the year, the team has spent 2,517.25 personhours, which equates to 105 days, on 34 search operations.

They have spent 1,410.75 person-hours, which equates to 58.75 days, on 65 rescue operations.

The team have also provided standby rescue cover at 18 events, including fell races, a cross-country event and a large scout hike event.

A spokesman for the team said: “The figures could only ever be an average representation of the true time the Bolton MRT has spent on operational incidents.

“Add the time spent training, the administration of the team, lectures and fundraising, and it all equates to a huge amount of commitment and dedication shown by team members in the service of our local community.

“We are all grateful to our families, partners and friends for their understanding of our members’ commitment and dedication and also to our members’ many employers who so freely and with full understanding allow for timeoff to respond to incidents.”