CHILDREN remain banned from visiting the Royal Bolton Hospital and adults are still limited to two per bed as staff try to stop the spread of the winter vomiting bug.

It comes as all wards and bays that were closed to new admissions over the Christmas period because of the bug have re-opened.

The hospital has confirmed that the restricted visiting is a precautionary measure.

One ward is currently under observation with patients who have vomiting and diarrhoea, the main norovirus symptoms, but staff have so far managed to avoid an outbreak of the bug this winter.

Norovirus spreads rapidly in schools, hospitals, nurseries and nursing homes where there are a large number of people in close contact.

Across the UK, there has been an outbreak of the virus, leading to some hospitals being closed to new admissions.

People who have had the bug are advised not to go to hospitals or nursing homes until 48 hours has passed since they had symptoms.