A FATHER is championing car safety — after his four-year-old daughter’s life was saved because she was properly strapped into a child’s car seat.

Little Olivia Wright was in the back of her grandfather’s car on a New Year’s Eve day out when the car overturned after an accident in Chorley Road, Blackrod.

The Citroen Berlingo they were travelling in was involved in a smash with a Renault Megane at the junction of Longford Lane and Chorley Road at about 3.30pm.

When passers-by hurried to the overturned Citroen, four-year-old Olivia was found hanging upside down in her child’s car seat — but was unharmed.

A bystander unclipped the seatbelt and safely freed her from the vehicle.

Her grandfather, Tony Wright, aged 68, and his 71-year-old partner, Anne Robinson, also escaped without any serious injuries after being helped out of the vehicle by firefighters.

Olivia’s dad, David Wright, from Sharples, said: “The accident could have been so much more serious than it was, but it just goes to show how important wearing a seatbelt is.

“Olivia has been right as rain since it happened and it’s just such a huge a relief that she was ok.

“It’s really important to get the safety message out there about children wearing a seatbelt.

“My father and his partner are okay physically, but they were still very shocked, particularly because they had Olivia in the back of the car.”

Firefighters from Horwich and Bolton had to cut the roof off the Megane to rescue the driver and another passenger.

One was taken to hospital but neither were thought to be seriously injured.

Franki Hackett, from road safety charity Brake, said: “Keeping children safe is a big priority for most people.Ensuring a child is using the correct car seat, seatbelt, or booster cushion is one of the simplest things a parent can do to keep their child safe when in a car.

“It’s also a legal requirement for all drivers. Without proper restraints, children can be thrown around during a crash, potentially being killed or seriously injured.” Police are investigating the cause of the accident.