A SCRAP metal collector who exposed himself after asking to see a woman’s snakes has avoided being jailed.

Jeromia Connors and a friend called at the Radcliffe home of a woman last April asking for scrap metal, which the woman gave to him, Bolton Crown Court heard.

Connors, a 19-year-old traveller, of Acorn Park, Blackburn, then called at her home on May 18, again asking for scrap metal.

This time the woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, came to the door with a snake around her neck and Connors started talking about her pets.

Lindsay Thomas, prosecuting, said Connors asked if he could look at her snakes and reptiles and the pair went into the living room where some lizards were kept.

The woman then asked him to leave, but Connors first asked if he could use the toilet.

Ms Thomas said he left the toilet door open and exposed himself to his victim and “became suggestive”.

The woman told him he was disgusting but he then went into the kitchen and took two mobile phones and a camera, which were broken, before leaving.

Police linked Connors to the scene after matching his fingerprint to one found on a dog’s biscuit tin — he opened the tin when the woman’s dog started to growl at him.

Simon Killeen, defending, said Connors was ashamed of the offence, which would have been intimidating for his victim.

Judge Peter Davies, sentencing, said: “You were invited in to talk about a hobby she is interested in. You abused her hospitality in the most disgraceful way.

“Having been to the toilet, you decided to abuse her by exposing yourself to her and making suggestive remarks.

“It indicates the sort of disregard you had for that lady, who had been kind to you a month before, and you showed utter contempt by exposing yourself.”

Connors pleaded guilty to exposure and theft and was given a two-year supervision order.

He must also notify police of any changes to his address for the next five years.