GRABBING a brush and waving it across the paper, little Bianca Postolache is having just as much fun as any six-year-old painter.

But Bianca is not just any six-year-old — and her paintings are not the work of a typical child of her age.

Bolton artist Chris Humphreys believes this tiny artist has all the makings of a child prodigy, given the right training and encouragement.

While most youngsters of her age would be drawing houses with unnaturally large windows or people with stick arms and legs, Bianca composes eye-catching paintings that resemble the work of an adult.

So impressive is her artwork that her paintings have been sent to Bolton, from Barlad in Romania, to raise money for charity — and it’s all the brainchild of the little girl herself.

Kath and David Richardson, who run the Good News for Romania charity, met Bianca, her mum, also called Bianca, and five-year-old brother Alexandru during a trip to Romania, and paid for the youngster to have hospital treatment — treatment that, without the charity, her mum would not have been able to afford.

So grateful was the little girl that she decided she wanted to raise money for others and asked if her paintings could be sold in Bolton to help fund hospital treatment for other children and adults in Romania.

While it might seem implausible that a child’s artwork could help raise money, Bianca’s paintings are far from childlike and have amazed experts, who believe her talent is undeniable.

She was drawing long before she could talk and her talent was recognised in Romania by a local artist who offered to coach her for free — although she must provide her own materials.

Now her paintings can be seen here in Bolton and the Richardsons expect them to be snapped up by art enthusiasts.

They are, mainly, still life compositions with a childlike quality yet a very adult perception and use of colour, light and shade, according to those in the know.

Mr Humphreys, aged 66, who teaches art at The University of Bolton and lives in Normandale Avenue, Smithills, said: “If she is painting like this at six imagine what she could be doing at 12. I imagine she could be a child prodigy.

“With the right training and encouragement, and if she continues to be interested in art, she could be magnificent.”

He explained that it is Bianca’s use of the materials that makes her so special. “She has got a sophisticated palette and her use of colour is natural,” he said.

Flowers in vases are a favourite for Bianca to create — using acrylic she paints on paper or canvas and each is individually sized and unique in style.

The Richardsons were given one and it hangs, in pride of place, in the living room of their home in Wythburn Avenue, Smithills.

“We thought they were good, but when we showed them to Chris he said they were amazing for a child of such a young age.

“Now we are hoping other people will love them as much as we do and help raise the money needed to pay for hospital treatment in Romania.

“Many people in Romania simply can’t afford to pay for medical treatment and we hope that, with Bianca’s help, we can ensure people who need help can get it,” said 62-year-old Mrs Richardson.

Mrs Richardson and 64-year-old husband David have spent many years raising money for poor families in Romania, in particular street children and youngsters who, without their help, would not have shoes to wear or, in some cases, a roof over their heads.

Some children are so underprivileged their parents cannot afford the equipment to send them to school.

New clothing and gifts are taken out to Romania but are mainly bought over there by the charity.

Anyone interested in finding out more about Bianca’s work can contact the Richardsons on 01204 841906.