TEMPERATURES are set to plummet in Bolton following a week of foggy conditions.

Anyone planning a weekend outdoors can expect freezing conditions today and tomorrow with temperatures dipping to -2 degrees celsius.

But outdoors enthusiasts in Bolton can look forward to a couple of clear, crisp winter days thanks to sunny weather, forecasters say.

On Monday the skies are set to cloud over with a forecast of sleet and some fog at about 6am.

Unlike other areas across the UK, the Met Office has not issued a weather warning for Bolton and the North West.

Team leader Garry Rhodes, from Bolton Mountain Rescue, says people should still get outside and enjoy the weekend as long as they are aware of the conditions.

Mr Rhodes said: “The main thing to remember at the moment is that all of the wet weather we’ve had has made conditions on the moors and roads very slippy.

“The moors themselves are almost waterlogged so walkers should be aware that it can be very slippy under foot.

“If the temperatures do drop, there’s a lot of water there ready to freeze so cyclists should be careful in the shaded patches of ground.

“But my advice is still to get outdoors and enjoy it. As long as people are aware that the weather can change rapidly, there’s no reason to stop them going out there and have a great time.”

According to the Met Office, the UK's weather would take a turn for the worse as high pressure developed over Scandinavia, allowing cold air in from the North East, while milder air and Atlantic weather systems pushed in from the west.

The sleet and snow is predicted to affect eastern areas the most.