OPPORTUNIST burglars sneaked into Farnworth Indoor Market and stole about £1,000 of goods.

Four burglars crept into the indoor market in King Street on Monday evening when Jonathan Ward, director of JW Retailers, which rents the stalls, was shutting up the premises.

Mr Ward said he had only popped out for a few minutes to speak to builders who had been carrying out work at the site.

The men, who are thought to be in their early 20s, pulled up a shutter to get in and made several trips in and out of the market, taking items from different stalls.

Mr Ward, aged 21, said he was unaware of the thefts until the following morning when staff complained that they had stock missing.

He reviewed CCTV footage and saw the thieves had entered the market at 5.30pm.

Within five minutes they had left, stealing cosmetic items and other goods.

Mr Ward said the thieves can be clearly seen on the video.

He said: “I have had to reimburse tenants with £1,000 for the stuff taken. It is quite detrimental to the business.

“For the criminals, it was an easy target, but it really won’t be tolerated.

“I have spent a fortune on CCTV.

“I am pretty sure I will lose some traders because of this as some won’t feel comfortable leaving their stuff.

“I was clueless until the following day when one of my tenants said quite a lot of stock had been taken. I am confident the police will be able to get them.”

A police spokesman said the burglary had been reported to them on Wednesday and they are investigating the matter.