A ROBBER who persuaded his unsuspecting grandma to take him back to his getaway vehicle in Radcliffe to collect stolen cash has been jailed.

Declan Lloyd, aged 21, of South Radford Street, Salford, was found guilty of robbery following a trial at Manchester Crown Court on Friday and was jailed for four years. At 2.35pm on Tuesday, April 24, last year, a security worker was delivering cash to Barclays bank in Liverpool Road, Salford.

Lloyd grabbed the cash box that contained “a substantial amount of money” before getting into a stolen Peugeot 207, which he abandoned in The Parklands, Radcliffe, before fleeing the area.

Lloyd was caught when, a few minutes after police found the car, he returned to the scene with his grandmother, who had given him a lift. He was seen collecting the cash box and putting it into her car. Both were arrested but no further action was taken against his grandma.

Det Con Justin Bryant said: “Partly thanks to Lloyd’s dim-wittedness in returning to the scene, we were able to identify the offender, locate the getaway car and recover the stolen cash.”