A NATIONAL campaign has been launched to help a Bolton parking protester pay his huge legal fees.

BBC documentary Parking Mad featured the story Barry Moss, from Westhoughton, who has described himself as a “thorn in the side” of Bolton Council’s parking department.

Mr Moss deliberately picks up fines by parking on lines or in bays, which he claims are not clearly marked, so he can fight the cases at appeal.

The documentary told how Mr Moss unsuccessfully took Bolton Council’s auditors KPMG to the High Court in 2010, after he claimed the authority had gained money from issuing “unlawful” tickets.

Losing the case left the 66-year-old with huge legal bills and facing the prospect of losing his Hindley Road home, which the former roofer built himself in 1993.

Following the programme Mr Moss — who fights tribunals on behalf of people from all over the country — says he has been recognised in the street and emailed by others asking for advice.

The Bolton News has also been contacted by people pledging cash to help him with his legal bills, including two London taxi drivers who have never met Mr Moss — or each other.

Martin Long, aged 55, of Purley, has worked in the capital for seven years and recently appealed online for people to send cash to Barry to help him keep his house.

He said: “I went on the internet and asked if anything was being done.

“I’ll only be able to send him £25 to £30 but if 4,000 people give him a tenner then it’s job done.”

John Cobb, aged 57, or Epping, has driven London cabs for 12 years.

He added: “If councils want people to abide by the law then they have to follow the rules as well. We just want councils to be reasonable.

“I’m going to send him a cheque for £20, it’s not a lot but it adds up.”

Mr Moss says he is working on four appeals at the moment, one for a ticket he deliberately picked up in Bury, and three for other people.

He added: “Taxi drivers see a lot of this because it’s a law of averages with the driving they do.”