PLANS to make it easier for councils to tackle rogue private sector landlords have won the backing of Bolton South East MP Yasmin Qureshi, pictured.

Labour recently announced it would introduce a national register of landlords and grant local authorities greater powers to root out and strike off rogue landlords.

There would also be a system for people to take action when a lettings agent has ripped them off, as there is for estate agents.

The party claims that with fewer houses being built, more people are having to rent their homes privately, including more than one million families with children, which it said has led to a rise in problems associated with renting.

But while estate agents can be banned for bad practice, lettings agents are not subject to the same stringent complaints procedures.

Ms Qureshi said: “Everybody dreams of being able to own their own home but this is becoming more and more difficult thanks to this out-of-touch government.

“I think these policies could make a real difference to people who feel trapped and exploited at having to rent homes from rogue landlords and unscrupulous agencies.”