A HOUSEHOLDER who repeatedly banged on the wall of the adjoining house in the early hours has been given a five-month curfew.

Bolton magistrates were told that Siraz Natha made life miserable for his neighbours in Ramswell Close, Great Lever, waking them by knocking loudly on the wall of their terraced homes.

Natha had denied the allegation and was due to stand trial yesterday, but instead pleaded guilty to two counts of harassing Niall Cummins and Alexandra Wren between January and March last year.

It is the second time he has been convicted of harassing the couple, after a appearing in court in May, 2011, when a restraining order was made prohibiting him from contacting them.

Alan Bakker, prosecuting, told the court the couple had thought the problem was over until January 30 last year, when they were woken at 3.45am by a loud banging on the wall which went on for 20 minutes.

Then the following day, Miss Wren was taking a bath at 9pm when the wall was banged again. When she looked out of her window, she saw 46-year-old Natha getting into a car.

Mr Bakker said there were further incidents, one of which was captured on noise monitoring equipment installed by Bolton Council on March 1.

He added that Miss Wren described herself as being “at breaking point” over the harassment.

James Towey, defending, said Natha, who has suffered kidney failure and is on dialysis three times a week, no longer lives in Ramswell Close, having moved to Calder Road with his wife and two children.

“I am sure this is something Mr Natha wants to put behind him,” he said.

“He is now living what I would describe as a quiet life.”

Magistrates sentenced Natha to be electronically tagged for five months to obey an 8pm to 6am curfew.

He also has to pay Mr Cummins and Miss Wren £200 compensation each, as well as £200 towards prosecution costs.