A SCHOOLGIRL has had her first novel published in the Amazon Kindle store — and she’s just 14.

Johanna Mercer, a Year Nine pupil at Bolton School, has written the book, Demon Rose.

And now the teenager hopes to publish more novels.

Johanna said: “I started writing because I had so many stories in my head and I wanted to write them all down into something more understandable.

“I didn’t think I had enough potential but my best friend Kirsty Fielding and my cousin Jake Lundy encouraged me.”

Johanna’s aunt, Sarah Lundy, encouraged her to publish the book online. Demon Rose is aimed at teenagers and tells the story of Jenny Westwood, who finds a rose on her front porch which leads her into a “dangerous and deadly life”.

Johanna said: “It took me six months to write the book. I would not write something every day — usually about once a week, but once I am writing, I write quickly.”

The book is already attracting rave reviews on Amazon. One reads: “I loved this book. I really enjoyed the plot and I was always wanting to read on. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes fantasies. Amazing book, keep going.”

Despite her early success, Johanna, from Buckshaw Village, hopes to be a lawyer when she leaves school — but work part-time as an author.

She said: “I really want to get into Oxford or Cambridge University when I’m older.

“I am working on five other books which I hope to publish — Death By Your Beloved, Ghost Boy, Unforgiveable, Vengence and April, which I am writing with my friend, Eleanor Bracegirdle.”

People can pick up a copy of Demon Rose at