A MARRIED father who threatened to slit his ex-partner’s throat on learning a court order had been made to prevent him from harassing her, has avoided going to prison.

A non-molestation order prohibiting Wesley Radcliffe, aged 33, of Melville Road, Kearsley, from using violence or harassing his ex-partner Gemma Tunnah was placed in September.

But when Radcliffe was told about the order five days later on October 3, he told the person on the telephone activating the order he was “going around now to slit her throat”.

The person who made the phonecall raised the alarm with Ms Tunnah, who locked herself in an upstairs bathroom with her and Radcliffe’s 11-year-old son.

Prosecutor Saul Brady said Ms Tunnah was very frightened and could hear Radcliffe banging on the door and the window of her home. They remained locked in the bathroom until they heard sirens and the police knocking on the front door.

Mr Brady said: “Ms Tunnah said “my ex won’t stop until he kills me. I am worried he won’t stop until he is locked up”.”

Tom McKail, defending, said there was clearly animosity between Radcliffe and Ms Tunnah but added it was about their three sons.

The middle son, who was present during the incident, now lives with Radcliffe and his wife and two children from his marriage. His other two sons were now living with other family, Bolton Crown Court heard yesterday.

Recorder Elizabeth Nicholls, sentencing, said: “Instead of conducting yourself like a sensible, mature adult you decided to storm around and act in a brutal, aggressive and threatening way.

“Just think what it must have been like for your son locked in the bathroom wondering just what you were going to do. You might have little respect for your ex-partner but what about your son. That will always be in his memory.”

He was sentenced to a six-month jail term suspended for 12 months after he admitted breaching the order and causing criminal damage.

Radcliffe was ordered to pay an £80 surcharge and £50 compensation towards Ms Tunnah for the damage to the door.