THE heroic actions of two people in two potentially fatal blazes have been honoured by fire chiefs.

Melanie Self and Raymond Bradshaw helped prevent a tragedy in two separate fires in Bolton last year.

Ms Self, aged 34, was awarded a certificate of congratulation for helping to save two young children from a fire at her neighbour’s house last June.

At the time Ms Self was in her living room with her partner Craig Walker in Longden Street, Heaton, when she saw smoke and flames coming from a house across the road.

Mr Walker called 999 while Melanie ran across the road and started banging on the front door.

She noticed the door was unlocked and searched the house for people inside.

Ms Self found one-year-old Maliha sitting in her pushchair.

She wheeled the youngster out of the house and into her own home where she kept her safe until fire crews and police arrived.

Crews from Bolton Central and Bolton North rescued a three-year-old boy, Husnain, from upstairs. Luckily both children survived thanks to the actions of Ms Self and the quick response by the crews.

The mum-of-one, said: “I didn't think at the time and I can't remember that much about it — it all went so quickly. It has been really nice to be thanked and nice to see the fire crews again and meet the family as well.”

Maliha and Husnain also attended the presentation with their parents, Zara and Adil Aslam.

Mrs Aslam said: “It’s been lovely to see Melanie and her family here to receive her award. It was fully deserved. It was a very scary experience at the time and I’m just so happy both of my kids are safe.”

Raymond Bradshaw was awarded a Chief's commendation for saving a 43-year-old from a burning flat in July last year.

Mr Bradshaw, aged 43, was walking along Pinewood Close in Astley Bridge when he saw smoke coming from a building.

With no thought for his own safety, he kicked down the door to the first floor flat and found a woman lying in the smoke. The father-of-two carried her outside to safety and waited for fire crews to arrive after dialling 999.

Mr Bradshaw, of Smithills, said: “You just go into autopilot in a situation like that, I just got my phone out and called 999. It was very confusing at first and then I found the lady in there.”

The woman recovered from smoke inhalation after several weeks in hospital. Ms Self and Mr Bradshaw were presented with their awards by Deputy County Fire Officer Jim Owen with the crews Bolton Central and Bolton North who attended the fires.

Mr Owen said: “We are always taken aback by the acts of bravery and kindness shown by members of the public in circumstances that must be unfamiliar.

“It is only right that we take this opportunity to thank them and the fire fighters who helped prevent potentially tragic consequences.”