POLICE were called to Yates’s Wine Bar more often than to any other Bolton bar in the last two years.

Greater Manchester Police have published figures that show they were asked to attend the Bradshawgate venue 177 times from the start of 2011 to the end of 2012.

Last year, police were called out 26,414 times to the region’s bars and about 10 per cent were for requests to deal with assaults.

However, a police spokesman said a call could be for anything from lost pets to a member of staff refusing to serve an underage customer, and said the figures were not always a reliable indicator of how safe a bar is.

A Yates’s spokesman said: “The data does not correlate with the recording of incidents that takes place in Yates’s in Bolton and Bury. Each venue has a good relationship with their local police and licensing and the police have no concerns with the way these premises operate.”