MOST little boys dream of becoming footballers or superheroes — but fouryear- old Charlie Greenall has set his heart on being a binman.

And the youngster’s dream came true when he visited Bolton Council’s bin depot and spent time with two binmen.

Charlie—wearing a highvisibility jacket emblazoned with “The Boss” on the back, and a hard hat — got to meet Mark Hoban, neighbourhood services manager for the waste collection service, and Mick Quinlan, waste management team leader.

They gave him and tour and even took him around the depot in one of the council’s bin wagons.

Charlie, a pupil from St Peter’s Primary School, in Farnworth, was “delighted”

by the visit.

Charlie’s mum Andrea Greenall said he has been obsessed with bins since he was a baby.

The 42-year-old nurse said: “He is besotted with them and has five toy bin wagons at home. All he talks about is bins.

“I don’t know where he gets it from. He tells all my family when their bins go out and he knows how to recycle and tells us off if it goes into the wrong bin.”

Mrs Greenall, of Clammerclough Road, Kearsley, said they had kept the visit a surprise for Charlie and said he was “like a Cheshire cat smiling”

when they arrived at the Wellington Street depot.

The visit was organised by Mary Atherton, a council community safety officer, who is friends with Charlie’s grandfather, Ron Bell.

She said: “He is so funny. He is fascinated by bins, and for such a young child it really is incredible.”

Charlie was treated to stickers, fridge magnets, a mini bin and mascots from the team after his tour.

The youngster is now looking forward to turning 18 so he can apply to become a binman.

Mr Hoban said: “It’s good for the depot and our collection crews when youngsters become interested in waste collection, recycling and disposal.

“It’s very encouraging to get someone as young Charlie so interested.

However, awareness and information about the service is available to anyone.

“It has been an education in itself with Charlie, he’s a unique little boy.”