MOST toddlers struggle to grasp potty training at first — but few parents have to call out firefighters to help!

But two-year-old Layton Walton had to be freed by the fire service after he got his head stuck in a child’s toilet seat.

The boy’s worried parents, Paula Halliwell and Carl Walton, panicked and dialled for help at about 10pm on Saturday.

Four firefighters from Bolton Central Fire Station quickly arrived at the terraced home in Lydbrook Close, Bolton, and removed the seat from Layton’s head in minutes.

Ms Halliwell said: “We were just going to bed and I hadn’t been able to get Layton to sleep.

“He picked the child’s toilet seat up from in my room and put it on his head like a hat then couldn’t get it off.

“I was nearly crying. I couldn’t cut it with scissors and every time I tried to lift it off he cried.”

Firefighters used special cutting equipment to remove the blue Mickey Mouse seat.

Cameron, Layton’s eight-year-old brother, found the whole thing very funny, said his mum.

It is not the first time Layton has caused his parents some worry — last year he fell over while walking with a stick and cut his mouth and had to go to hospital.

Ms Halliwell added: “He is a bit clumsy. You’ve got to have eyes in the back of your head with him. I’ve never had to call out firefighters before.”

Crew manager Ian Griffiths said: “I have never come across a child with a toilet seat on their head before but I can understand how it can happen.

“He was very brave and I sat him on my tunic and said it was a special soft cushion.

“He just started crying at the end as one of the cuts made a big crack. He was smiling again when we left.”