THIEVES forced open 15 garages in Darcy Lever in one night and stole power tools, fishing equipment and bikes.

Residents in Solent Drive, Bembridge Drive and Sidford Close woke up on Sunday to discover that their garages had been broken into.

The thieves left cars untouched, but stole other smaller items, including tools.

Solent Drive resident Beverley Waller’s garage door had been bent in half by the thieves, who stole a power drill from inside.

Mrs Waller, aged 48, said: “It looks like it has been forced open and halved so it is like a lip and they have propped it up with one of my husband’s spirit levels.

“It looks like they have tried to get into the garage of a neighbour on the next block, but have just folded in the corner of the garage door. You can see the damage.”

Mrs Waller said she had counted 15 garages that had been forced open.

She said: “People are pretty disgusted by what has happened. You don’t get a lot of bad behaviour and crime here.

“I think everybody is fed up. You work hard and pay for these things and then somebody in one night ruins your weekend and takes themaway.”

Mrs Waller’s neighbour Andy Lakin, aged 27, had his garage forced open but nothing had been stolen and his car was untouched.

He wants to ask people to be on the look out for “suspicious people” and said he was shocked by the incident.

Police are investigating.

Insp Kevin Lister, from Bolton South Neighbourhood Policing Team, said five break-ins had been reported.

He said: “We are aware of a spike in crime in that area over the weekend.

“Additional patrols are in the area over the next few days and we are appealing to residents to ring us if they see any suspicious activity, and to check that sheds and out-buildings are locked, especially if they are away from the property.”

Anyone with information can call police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555111.