A CYBORG assassin who has kept watch over a secondhand shop for the past three years is up for sale.

The Terminator model, based on actor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s legendary sci-fi film character, has become a local landmark outside the Cash In A Flash shop in Halliwell Road.

Now shop owner Mike Naughton is raffling the towering figure to raise cash for charity.

He said: “I’ve had more than three wonderful years with The Terminator, but it’s now time for him to move on.

“He’s become well-known in Bolton and is a landmark. People take photos of him and ask how he’s doing.

“One pensioner came into the shop because he hadn’t seen him for a few days. He was a bit concerned and asked where he’d had gone.

“Another chap at the local British Legion club said his mates often talk about The Terminator.”

Mr Naughton is selling the figure, which originally came from a fairground ride, to raise money for Cancer Research UK. He said: “It’s a great big 6ft model and I think it’ll do really well. I’ve no idea what price he’ll fetch, but I hope it’ll be hundreds of pounds.”

The figure was bought by Mr Naughton more than three years ago during a house clearance.

The model was stolen in October, 2010, but returned several days later when a dog-walker found it dumped in a field.

Mr Naughton said: “I’d had a row with some people who came into the shop wanting to buy it for £800.

“I’d told them it wasn’t for sale and they thought I was mad. When I came back from making a cup of tea, it was gone.

“Eventually the police managed to get it back. It was like his catchphrase of ‘I’ll be back’.

“An old man had been out walking his two Jack Russell dogs when he had a nasty experience discovering it. He thought it was real body.”

For details of the raffle, visit the shop or call Mr Naughton on 07759 930049.

l Arnold Schwarzenegger, however, may be back, saying this week that he was keen to be involved in a Terminator 5 movie currently being written.