A GROUP of women who still love to ride horses despite their advancing years will be trotting into a Bolton shopping centre.

The “galloping grannies”, as they have named themselves, are promoting a new series of “silver saver” days at Crompton Place.

The scheme being launched in February offers cut prices and special deals for senior citizens every Tuesday from 9am to 5.30pm.

The eight grannies, aged from their mid 50s to 70, have been appointed ambassadors of the scheme.

They go riding at weekends and help at the Ryders Farm Equestrian Centre in Kearsley at children’s riding sessions and cleaning out the stables.

Founder of the pack, 65-year-old Leonie Fitton, from Worsley, started the group four years ago when they took part in show-jumping, dressage and a cross-country riding day.

The women were teased about their age, but they brushed it off and went on to be a huge success.

Mrs Fitton said: “Riding is a great way to keep fit and active and the galloping grannies have proved that you are never too old to enjoy it.”

Crompton Place manager Malcolm Angus said: “We wanted to do something for older people and we’re delighted that Leonie and her galloping friends are right behind it.

“They are a shining example of how to make the most of your later years and we feel that Crompton Place would make an ideal meeting point for active over-60s with plenty of get up and go.”