SPEED limits on a stretch of road used by Bolton commuters every day is being slashed to 40mph.

The limit on the East Lancashire Road, the A580, between Pendleton roundabout to Shield Drive, Wardley, will be cut from 50mph following 100 crashes.

The measure is being introduced by Salford City Mayor, Iain Stewart, for 18 months.

Salford Council will consult with the local community and other public bodies over that period on whether to keep the safety measure in place permanently.

The council will also join with Transport for Greater Manchester and the Greater Manchester Road Safety Team to develop a road safety education scheme.

Further safety measures include toucan crossings further along the A580 at Walkden Road and Old Clough Lane to allow the safe passage of children to and from Walkden High School.

The measures will be in place by late 2013.