A FAMILY has paid tribute to a 24-year-old with a “zest for life”.

Adam Kelly, from Farnworth, died surrounded by family at the Royal Manchester Hospital three years after being diagnosed with Wegener’s Granulomatosis, a rare condition affecting different organs and systems in the body.

The condition caused kidney failure, and his mother, Janette Lawson, gave him a life-saving donation in September, 2011.

Despite bouncing back from the operation and being in good health, he went into hospital with an infection last July and died on Saturday, January 5.

The former Mount St Joseph’s pupil was described as a kind person who was always honest.

Mrs Lawson, a chemist supervisor dispenser, said: “He was well mannered, hard-working, friendly, funny and sensible.

“He matured into a handsome, sensible, polite, young man but still maintained a youthfulness and zest for life and having fun.

“There'd never be any problems with Adam. He was up front and honest and did the right thing.”

After leaving high school, Adam attended Pendleton College, where he studied art and later discovered a love for New York after visiting the city with friends.

He had planned to return to the USA last year but was forced to cancel the trip due to his illness.

Mrs Lawson said despite Adam being ill over Christmas he made sure his two young brothers, Jordan and Brandon, received gifts he bought off the internet from his hospital bed.

Just days before he died he jokingly texted his mother saying he wanted turkey and stuffing sandwiches.

His family said they were devastated when they were told several days later he had just hours to live when they thought he was on the road to recovery.

John Lawson, Adam’s father, said: “Even though it hurts you can understand people dying that have lived a life and passed away. But to take away Adam in his prime before he’s lived his life, through no injury, accident, or fault of his own is cruel beyond words.”

Many of Adam’s friends attended his funeral at Overdale West Chapel. Two of Adam’s favourite songs, Pink’s Who Knew and Flo Rida’s Club Can’t Handle Me, were played at the service.

He leaves his parents, siblings Cathryn, aged 28, Stephen, aged 26, Jordan, aged 12, and Brandon, aged nine.