BOOMING sales of coffee and wraps are helping burger chain McDonald’s create 40 jobs in Bolton this year.

The firm is taking on staff at its four Bolton restaurants as it recruit 2,500 more staff across the UK.

They will be part-time and full-time roles at its outlets in Deansgate, Astley Bridge, Delph Hill and Middlebrook.

Franchisee Dave Shaw, who manages all four restaurants, said: “We’ll hold interviews this month and March and will be recruiting gradually through the year.

“Business is always quieter at the start of the year but builds towards the summer and then Christmas.

“The growth in trade has come from opening later and the success of coffee and other products.

“The Astley Bridge and Middlebrook sites are open 24-hours, seven days-a-week.

“We’ve also invested in better coffee machines and a wider range of coffee, including lattes and capuccinos.

“We also sell deli-style sandwiches and wraps, which are made individually and require more labour.

“These aren’t as big-sellers as burgers but they offer more choice for families, which perhaps wasn’t the case a few years ago.

“All four Bolton sites are doing well and trade has gone up, which is very good given the backdrop of problems facing High Street shops.

“Visitor numbers were higher for 2012 than the year before.”

Mr Shaw, aged 51, has been with McDonald’s for 30 years and is a former regional manager. In total he has 10 franchises, including six in Warrington.

McDonald’s created 3,500 jobs last year, bringing its total UK workforce to 91,000. Seventy per cent of the new positions were given to under-21-year-olds.

The firm said new employees would have the chance to gain nationally recognised qualifications.

Rebecca Farrington, aged 18, joined McDonald’s in Bolton last May.

She said: “I couldn’t afford to go to university and I wanted to work at McDonald’s as I’d heard lots of good things about it.

“Everyone has been really supportive and I’m hoping to be promoted. This is definitely a long-term career for me. I’d love to work my way up through the ranks.”