A WARNING has been urgently issued for people to be wary of unsolicited calls from a business that may be posing as part of the NHS.

Bolton Council’s Trading Standards team is urging people to be vigilant and to report any calls.

A Bolton resident, who has asked to remain anonymous, received a call two weeks ago from someone claiming to be from the NHS.

The female caller asked if the resident would be in on Monday so they could give their views on a new NHS product. The caller claimed she was not trying to sell anything and that the product was “something that goes on top of your mattress to help with circulation”.

When the resident said she had never heard of the NHS doing this sort of thing and that she was not interested, the caller put the phone down. The caller’s number was withheld.

An spokesman said the NHS do not make their own products and would not approach members of the public to test a product without there being a proper research study with ethics approval.