A FORMER market trader who has lost touch with his family is searching for his sister.

Arthur Thompson, aged 72, is desperate to find his younger sister Pauline Cunliffe, who he has not seen for more than 10 years.

The grandfather, who has had nine heart bypasses and suffers from poor health, believes Mrs Cunliffe, who is aged in her mid 60s, may live in Derby with her husband Norman.

Mr Thompson, originally from Derby, lives in Farnworth with his wife Gillian.

He lost contact with his sister after they moved house and mislaid her phone number.

Mr Thompson, who sold bedding on both Bolton and Farnworth markets, said: “I love her and it is my last relationship with my family.

“All my family have gone and I want to see her again and be re-united. I am just hoping that someone will see this and will know her.”