HEALTH bosses are reminding those at risk of catching flu that it is not too late to have the jab.

Those deemed “at risk” include the elderly, pregnant women, asthma sufferers, those with heart problems and front line medical staff.

So far this winter, about 75 per cent of over 65s have had the jab.

But uptake for those in the under 65 category has been poor and is currently at about 55 per cent.

The jab protects against the flu virus and is free for those in the at risk categories, as well as those with kidney disease, liver disease, respiratory disease, a chronic neurological disease, diabetes, asthma or heart disease.

GPs can administer the injection and it is also available at a number of pharmacies in the borough.

Health protection specialist Graham Munslow, from NHS Bolton, said the flu virus spread rapidly in cold weather and urged people to make sure they were protected.

“It isn’t too late to have the injection and get immunised,” he said.