ONE hen has performed “eggs-tradinary” — after laying one of Britain’s biggest eggs.

The egg, which came from a chicken at an allotment in Breightmet, is four times the usual size of an egg.

It weighs 6.75oz (191g) is 8.25in in circumference and is 4in tall.

Normally, a large egg in the UK would weight about 73g.

Terry Paulcrompton was so “eggs-static” when he discovered the giant egg he took it to show his pal Laszlo Hamar, owner of nearby Wise Buys Discount Store in Bury Road.

Mr Hamar said: “It’s the biggest egg I have ever seen. It’s absolutely enormous.

Terry was really shocked when he found it, and when I saw it I couldn’t believe it either.

“We have been looking on the internet and we think it’s one the biggest eggs ever laid in England.”

And visitors have been flocking to view the egg, which is now on display at the shop.

Mr Hamar, aged 55, from Ainsworth, said: “Lots of people have been coming in to take photos of it.”

“Everyone is really shocked when they see it.”

Mr Paulcrompton insisted his free range warren hens did not have a special diet.

The shopowner and Mr Paulcrompton are now deciding what to do with the massive egg.

Mr Hamer said: “I will give it back to Terry and see what he wants to do. Maybe we can crack it open and see what’s inside.”

The largest egg egg laid in Britain weighed in at 6.6oz and was produced by a Rhode Island chicken last year.

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the heaviest chicken’s egg was laid by a white leghorn hen at Vineland, New Jersey, USA, on February 25, 1956, and was a whopping 16oz. It had a double yolk and a double shell.

The largest egg on record laid by a living bird, weighed a whopping 2.589kg and was laid by an ostrich at a farm in Sweden, in May, 2008.