A BARRISTER has found time from her busy day job to open Westhoughton’s first vintage clothing shop.

Victoria Payton launched Vibrant Vintage by Victoria Claire, a market stall, at Westhoughton Market nearly two years ago.

The stall, which specialises in everything vintage from the 1920s to 1980s, has now expanded by opening a shop in Wilbraham Street, Westhoughton.

Due to the demands of her job, Miss Payton’s parents, retired Wigan primary school headteacher Wayne Payton and retired school meals supervisor Kathleen Payton, will be running the shop while she works.

Mr Payton, aged 65, from Westhoughton, said: “When I took early retirement in 1998 after my school closed I never thought I would do anything like this.

“But I have really got into the research side of the business — we find all kind of nice stories.

“I am actually wearing some of the stuff now.

“I have a 1940s suit and trilby, but my wife and daughter don’t allow me to wear my ’60s stuff like my Make Love Not War badge, and I can’t get into my leather jacket.We are still trading at the market but we were running out of room to store everything. The business has just grown.

“We have been organising fairs and fashion shows and even have vintage wedding dresses.”

Miss Payton launched the business because of her love of vintage clothing, particularly the 1950s style, and thought there were no similar businesses in the Bolton area. She opted to start the business aged 28 while she was living with her parents and before she became a practising barrister specialising in housing law. Among the interesting items given to the shop is a handkerchief from during the First World War that had been passed down through generations of a family.