TEENAGER Beth Morris has launched a fundraising appeal to help her compete against some of the best athletes in the world.

The 16-year-old has been selected to take part in swimming and cycling races at the World Transplant Games, which will be held in South Africa this summer.

She hopes to add to her haul of medals from the 2009 games in Australia, when she won six golds and broke five world records.

But she has to raise £1,800 to pay for the trip and needs help to cover the bill.

As a junior, she must be accompanied by at least one adult — adding £1,400 per person to the cost.

Beth’s success comes after being diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia when she was just 17 months old.

She was given chemotherapy treatment for two years, spending most of that time in hospital.

Although she seemed to be recovering, she had a relapse in 2001 and eventually received a bone marrow transplant a year later.

Beth, of Hollow Meadows, Ringley, hopes that businesses, organisations and individuals will make donations or hold fundraising events.

She will also organise a fundraising night to add to her fund. Beth, who is studying A-levels at Pendleton College, said: “The World Transplant Games is a celebration. All the athletes there have had traumatic experiences.

“They have all had a transplant and made it out of the other side. hey are all competing in a physically demanding competition with high expectations.

“It’s a way of standing up and saying that we are still living normal lives. It would mean the world if people supported me and helped me get to South Africa.

“To know that people out there are supporting me really makes me want to go out and do my best.” Anyone who wants to help can call Beth on 01204 705175.