THEY are young television stars — but like all A-list celebrities they are keeping quiet about their latest venture!

Children at Gaskell Primary School, Bolton, are starring in a children’s programme to be aired on the BBC later this year but are not giving much away.

The school was contacted by the Beeb in November to audition the Reception and Year One youngsters for a top secret television appearance.

The production team was so impressed with the little ones they returned to to film them for the programme.

Headteacher Emily Kirk, who along with the children is not allowed to give anything away, said: “A film crew of five which consisted of a producer, two researchers, camera person and a sound engineer arrived in school and arranged the set which was all very exciting; lots of coloured lights and equipment.

“The children wore their own clothes for filming and were absolutely brilliant; very confident with loud, clear voices and lots of smiles. The BBC film crew were lovely with the children — very patient, kind and professional.”

She added: “The children all thoroughly enjoyed the experience and we are all very much looking forward to seeing the programme, when it is aired, in the next couple of months.”

Youngsters stayed tight-lipped about their part in the show but did say they were excited to have been part of the production.

Amy Walmsley, aged five said: “It was exciting, there was lots of coloured lights and toys. The camera was very big and I liked seeing me on the big screen. The microphone was big and very hairy. It was really fun and I can’t wait to see myself on TV.”

Kian Grimes, aged five, added: “I really enjoyed being filmed. We sat on little coloured chairs and had to look into a really big camera, which made a funny noise. I could see myself on the screen.

“The nice lady asked us lots of questions and we had to talk into a very big fluffy microphone.”