A COUNCILLOR has expressed concerns about the latest suspected arson attack in a fire hotspot.

Astley Bridge councillor Hilary Fairclough said she is worried on behalf of residents after three wheelie bins were set on fire in Astley Bridge on Thursday night.

The bins were dragged out to Barlow Park and set alight next to the changing room block.

Firefighters managed to douse the flames before they spread to the building.

Cllr Fairclough said: “This latest incident is very worrying. Bin fires are something we have to take very seriously.

“Everyone knows these things may start out as pranks but end up with very serious consequences.

“I hope if people know who is responsible they have the courage to report it, but as is often the case no one is around.”

It was the latest fire in a series of arson attacks in the area; firefighters were called out to scores of car and wheelie bin fires in the past year.

The nearby children’s play centre in the park and former Oldhams Primary School building have been set on fire several times in the past few months, while last November a garage was set on fire in Old Road.