FORENSIC scientists found DNA from both mother-of-three Kelly Davies and the man alleged to have murdered her in a blood spot on her sofa, a court has been told.

Ms Davies was stabbed to death on the black leatherlook sofa in the living room of her ground floor flat in Queen Street, Farnworth, in June last year.

Forensic scientist Caroline Eames told the jury at Manchester Crown Court yesterday that there was a significant amount of smeared blood on the sofa where she was found, but the lack of blood elsewhere in the vicinity suggested that 31-year-old Ms Davies had not fought with her attacker.

“She had not moved around very much during the assault,” said Ms Eames.

The forensic scientist added that whoever killed Ms Davies may have done so from behind the sofa, being shielded from possible blood splatters by the back of the piece of furniture.

Ms Davies’ former partner, 36-year-old Joseph Davies, of no fixed address, is accused of killing her before fleeing to the Netherlands, where he lost part of his leg after being involved in a train accident.

He denies her murder.

Ms Eames told a jury how a blood spot on a back cushion of the sofa had been analysed and found to contain the DNA of both Ms Davies and Mr Davies.

The jury had previously heard how Davies had spent time at Ms Davies’ flat after coming out of prison three days before her body was found.

He was seen with a graze above his eye and Ms Eames accepted defence suggestions that his blood could have been deposited on the sofa before her death, with Ms Davies’ blood then mingling with it.

She added that forensic tests had been carried out on Davies’ mobile phone and the taxis he took after leaving her flat on the evening of June 2 last year, but no blood from Ms Davies was found.

The case continues