A TOWN centre restaurant is promising some flippin’ tasty fun to support Bolton Hospice.

The Olympus fish and chip shop, in Newport Street, is donating all proceeds from pancake sales on Shrove Tuesday to the Hospice at Home campaign.

Tasos Pattichis, the restaurant owner, said: “We will be selling pancakes at £2 each with a choice of toppings such as lemon and sugar, jam or syrup.

“All the profits from sales will be donated to the hospice, which does a great job in Bolton. We’re delighted to help the fundraising.”

Kate Peel, who works at the restaurant, said: “All the staff will dress-up specially for the day with floral-patterned aprons — including the men. We’ve done some research into the history of pancakes and pancake races.

“Races are apparently linked to an incident in 1400s when a Buckinghamshire housewife was so busy making pancakes on Shrove Tuesday that she forgot the time until she heard a local church bell ringing for a service. She raced out of her house still carrying the frying pan and pancake.”

The Bolton News has been backing the hospice campaign to raise £110,000 for its Hospice at Home service. The appeal was launched last January to mark the hospice’s 20th anniversary and tens of thousands of pounds have already been raised.

However, the hospice is still appealing for more donations to reach the final target. As people quit smoking, lose weight and cut their drinking for a healthier 2013, they are being asked to donate the money they would have spent on drinks and cigarettes to the appeal.