So you want to be a record breaker?

A theatre show is coming to the North West on Saturday which gives audience members the chance to attempt official Guinness World Records.

The fun-filled, action-packed show is at The Lowry, Salford Quays, and it takes a peek at the science behind some of the most incredible world record titles.

Craig Glenday, Guinness World Records editor-in-chief, said: “Science touches on every aspect of record-breaking, from the physics of juggling to the chemistry of a soda fountain, which means that Guinness World Records Officially Amazing Science Live! is the perfect way to find the silly, super and sensational side of science.”

Audiences will be given an opportunity to attempt world records, including the loudest scream and the fastest time to duct-tape yourself to a wall.

Bolton is home to a number of current world records, including the largest hot cross bun, weighing 168kg, which was made by the RSPB, in conjunction with Greenhalgh’s Bakery, last April, and the largest custard pie fight which saw 3,320 pies thrown by two teams of 10 in three minutes at Bolton Arena in August, 2005.

The most baked beans eaten in two minutes by a team of four is 429 and was achieved last July in Horwich by Kevin Roberts, Lynn Kay, Tony Clift and Amy Green, all staff at St Catherine’s CE Primary School, Greenstone Avenue.

Headteacher Karen Graham, who organised the event, said: “The idea behind it was that it was an Olympic year last year and we wanted to do some kind of record.

“It was a huge event when we did it. We were over the moon, especially when it was confirmed.”

The previous record was set by a team of four people living in the Big Brother house in Belgium in November 2000 — they managed to eat 335 baked beans in two minutes.

Mrs Graham added: “We absolutely smashed it. We practised quite a lot in the staff room with different baked beans, we practised with different plates. We are hoping to do another world record this year.”

* Guinness World Records Officially Amazing Science Live!, from the producers of Brainiac Live! and Science Museum Live on Tour, is on the road for the first time — direct from its London HQ. It is at The Lowry on Saturday at 3pm and 7pm. For more details, call 0843 208 6010 or visit