LOVE was in the air at Bolton train station when commuters had the chance to declare their Valentine’s Day messages in a unique way — via the customer information board.

Passengers were able to post their romantic words on the departure boards in time for when their sweetheart would be waiting for their train yesterday.

To have their message scroll across the platform boards, passengers had to Tweet @Northern_Cupid throughout the week so their message could pop up as their lover waited for their train.

Commuters could even propose to their beloved via the departures board by emailing Northern Rail ahead of Valentine’s Day.

Passenger Helen Mollineux, from Great Lever, said: “I don’t normally celebrate Valentine’s Day because we don’t normally have the time because of having kids but I think putting a nice message up on the departure board is a lovely idea.

“I don’t get the train that often but it would definitely cheer me up.”

Joanne Houghton, from Walkden, said: “I think it’s lovely. It would be really nice if someone did that for me.

“It’d be lovely to see while I was waiting for my train.”

Even staff at the Bolton News took the opportunity to wish its readers a Happy Valentine’s Day on the board during peak travelling time between 4pm and 5pm yesterday.

Joselyn Rankin, spokesperson for Northern Rail, said the company was hoping the opportunity will encourage commuters to take the plunge in public.

Ms Rankin said: “As well as sharing love letters and sweet nothings between couples, we’re encouraging any passengers who are considering proposing, to get in touch and we can help arrange a very special surprise at their local station.”

“Couples often spend Valentine’s Day apart, Northern Cupid is going to help remind them that their loved one is thinking of them, even on the morning commute.”