BOLTON’S Liberal Democrat group has criticised Town Hall bosses for wasting money by changing the bin collection system.

Cllr Roger Hayes’ comments came as Bolton Council’s executive cabinet approved plans to change the weekly collection system to a fortnightly one.

Leader of the Lib Dems in Bolton, Cllr Hayes, who introduced the alternate bin collection system in 2005, said when the Labour group re-introduced weekly collections in 2006, it cost the borough millions.

He said that, since 2006, the refuse collection system has cost about £14 million more than it would have done if Labour had not made the change. Cllr Hayes also claimed Bolton has moved from being one of the best boroughs for recycling in Greater Manchester to the worst because of the change.

He added: “Labour is finally admitting the system of refuse collection introduced by the Liberal Democrats in 2005 is the only way of increasing the town’s recycling.

“It has already been proved that this system works. Just think what all those millions could have done for other services like roads. Instead Labour has poured it down the drain.”

On February 20, councillors will vote on whether to implement the new system.

Under the new system residents would receive a food waste container that will be collected weekly. Grey bins, for household waste, and recycling bins would be collected on alternate weeks.

Council bosses say the fortnightly service will save £2.6 million per year and increase recycling.

Bolton Council must save £43.6 million over the next two years because of government budget cuts.

Bolton and Salford are the only authorities in Greater Manchester which do not have either fortnightly collections or reduced sized grey bins, and Bolton is also bottom of the recycling league table in the county, having slipped from second place in 2006/07.