A GRANDMOTHER left disabled by motor neurone disease has criticised Bolton at Home for failing to find her a suitable home.

Mary Eckersley says she is “trapped” in the downstairs of her house and has been forced to wash in a small handbasin for over a year.

The 60-year-old, who became ill two years ago, says she has repeatedly asked Bolton at Home to move her into an adapted bungalow, but says they have said there are none available.

Bosses from Bolton at Home say they are aware of her concerns and have arranged a meeting with her — although she has refused to move into two properties so far offered.

Ms Eckersley said: “I’m supposed to be top priority. They keep saying they have to get the right bungalow, but I just don’t hear anything. I feel horrible and as though I am living in wartime and not in 2013. I have been trapped in one room, more or less, for 12 months.”

Ms Eckersley, who is cared for by her 22-year-old daughter Aisha, has lived in the semi-detached house in Lyndbrook Close for 14 years.

The former model, who worked as a chambermaid at hotels in Bolton, said before her diagnosis she had been active and had played netball in her 40s.

She added: “In 2010, I had a bad fall on my back and since then I have just deteriorated. I can’t do anything, my life has just stopped since 2010.”

She said Bolton at Home had offered her one bungalow, but it needed renovating and was not ready to move in to.

A Bolton at Home spokesman said: “We’re returning to see Miss Eckersley to discuss her moving options further and address any concerns.

“We haven’t received any prior reports or complaints regarding living conditions, but we take our customers’ health and safety very seriously and will respond accordingly.

“We gave Miss Eckersley priority status to move on the downsize register in November. Since then she has expressed interest in several properties, declining two sheltered bungalows offered to her due to their location.”