TRIBUTES have been paid to a mother who died suddenly from an asthma attack at the age of 36.

Carer Joanne Ross-Nichol, of Chorley New Road, Horwich, was found by her partner Paul Marsh on December 3 last year, just hours after she complained of feeling unwell.

Bolton Coroners Court heard Ms Ross-Nichol did not feel well on the morning of the day she died, but still went to The Victoria Hall in Bolton, where she worked as a volunteer in a cafe.

She told her father, Michael Ross-Nichol, that she had been sick during the shift and went home.

Suffering from flu-like symptoms, she went to bed in the early afternoon.

Mr Marsh was unable to wake her at about 5.25pm and dialled 999. Paramedics pronounced her dead at the scene.

Post-mortem examination tests revealed Ms Ross-Nichol had died of natural causes related to an asthma attack.

The court heard she had suffered from asthma for nearly 26 years but it was controlled with inhalers and she had no history of asthma attacks.

Deputy coroner Alan Walsh said: “It’s difficult to say why on that day she would have an acute attack.

“Sadly and simply it was a natural cause of death of a lady who was too young.”

Ms Ross-Nichol and Mr Marsh had two children, Sophie, aged 14, and Stephanie, aged 12, and the court heard she was like a mother to Paul’s 23-year-old daughter, Stacey.

Her family said she worked as a carer for her partner and enjoyed volunteering at The Victoria Hall, where her father used to work, in the run up to Christmas.

She had previously worked at British Aerospace and had volunteered at Chorley New Road Primary School, where her daughters were pupils.

In a statement issued after the inquest, Ms Ross-Nichol’s family said: “Joanne had a big personality and time for everybody.

“She helped everybody else out and sometimes forgot about herself.

“She liked baking with the kids and she used to bake toffee apple and chocolate fondue for the events at the girls’ school.”

Sam Rhymes, Ms Ross-Nichol’s best friend, who lives in Australia, is pregnant and will name her baby Joanne or Joe, in her memory.

She leaves Mr Marsh, her daughters, parents Marian and Michael, sister Louise and her partner, David.