CHASING after footballers’ millions and the thought of an easy life of shopping and hours of being preened and pruned is the typical expectation of players’ Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS).

But for Emma Davies it’s a term she has distanced herself from, even joking she is more of a “hag” than a WAG because of the 10-year age gap between herself and her husband, Bolton Wanderers’ captain Kevin Davies.

The couple met while Emma was working at a high-flying postproduction company.

She travelled the world and even did the public relations for Oscar-winning blockbuster, Gladiator.

But while pregnant with her second child, her daughter, now aged seven, Emma opted to leave the career she loved to care for her children.

She said: “I loved my job more than anything. I used to be at work until 1am at times. I lived in New York and Montreal. I used to say to my dad that if anything happened to me I have had the best life. I didn’t think I’d ever get married and have kids.”

Despite being offered a postproduction role in Manchester, Emma turned down the job as she knew she would not be able to give it her all and be there for her children.

But, missing both the stimulation of working — and the social side of having a job — the 44-year-old started selling jewellery and gifts from Stella & Dot, an American company, which works in a similar way to Tupperware parties.

Emma said: “I got chatting to my friend Gemma Carlisle, footballer Clarke Carlisle’s wife, about how we are basically unemployable because of the restrictions of family and football.

“Everything is set in stone in football so it’s always me who has to move any plans as Kevin’s job is so unpredictable and we have no family living close by. I just had to have something to keep my brain working.”

The job allows Emma to work flexibly, without the pressure of needing to meet targets.

The business can also be run from anywhere, which could come in useful as Kevin’s contract ends at the end of the season.

She holds about two or three “trunk shows” — better known as parties — where the items and the catalogue are shown to friends.

She also juggles her job with running KiDs, Kevin’s charity.

Emma said: “Kevin says I am damned if I do work and damned if I don’t. You just can’t win. I don’t do it for the finances, I do it because I enjoy doing it. It gives me something to keep my mind active.”

Emma has received abuse on social networking website, Twitter from football fans, including Wanderers supporters, who have called her “trout pout”, claiming she has undergone surgery and has fake tans — neither are true.

She said: “Nearly all of my friends are from a group of school mums. I can’t stand the term WAG. It’s such an awful stereotype. There’s few people that spring to mind who fit the term WAG. I always say I am more of a hag because I am 10 years older than Kevin. I think it’s a derogatory term used by men to put down women.

“Being married to a footballer is not all it’s cracked up to be.

You are on your own a lot and yes, wow-ee, you might be able to buy some nice handbags but you could if you worked anyway.

“I don’t think it’s easy. Some fans don’t like me but they don’t seem to realise Kevin and I are a unit. I am opinionated and strong, maybe that’s why?”

Despite being married to a footballer, Emma said she wouldn’t want her sons, aged nine and three, to be footballers or her daughter, aged seven, to marry a footballer.

She added: “My boys are football fans. The nine-yearold plays for Bolton’s academy but I don’t know if I want him to be a footballer. I will give him a good education so he has the strings on the bow. I hope he grows out of wanting to be a footballer. It’s not a great world, there’s a lot of back stabbing. But I just want him to be happy. “I am not a girly girl so I try to knock that out of my daughter. She has three brothers — Kevin has a son, aged 11, from a previous relationship — and she’s always surrounded by dirt and sport. I hate anything like Glee and High School Musical.

“They are just so sickly and I don’t like Bridget Jones as I don’t like women looking pathetic.”

Emma said her and Kevin’s personalities compliment each other as she is sensitive and finds it difficult to relax, whereas Kevin is laid back and rarely worries.

She added: “Kevin has changed since we met. He used to drink but now the kids are his life. He trains so hard and says he is doing it for his kids.

He is the most laidback person I know and he calms me down loads.

“He is such a good dad. He picks the kids up most days from school and they adore him. Our little girl just stares at him. We are lucky to have three healthy children.

“He sleeps in the spare room the night before a match and he does yoga every day. I really admire Kevin to get to the age he is and still be playing football.”

She said Kevin is someone who is good at everything — except for cleaning.

And the perfect family time is when they are all together playing table tennis and being together.

Emma said she is happy to meet people individually or in a group if they are interested in becoming a seller for Stella & Dot. For more information about her business, visit or email