PASSENGERS avoided serious injury after bricks were thrown through the windows of two buses as they travelled through Bolton and Bury.

The two buses, both run by First Bus, were targeted by yobs in separate incidents within the space of two hours on Friday.

The number eight, travelling between Manchester and Bolton, was attacked first, at around 7pm, in Bolton Road, Kearsley.

A passenger on the bus, which had 10 passengers on board, said a brick bounced off a window close to where two pensioners were sitting, and caused the glass to shatter.

At around 8.40pm, several bricks were thrown through the windows of the number 98 bus, heading from Bury to Manchester, as it travelled near Whitehead Park in Ainsworth Road.

A number of large bricks were hurled at the bus, smashing several windows and narrowly missed striking some of the seven passengers.

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police said both incidents were being investigated and inquiries were ongoing. There were no reports of injuries to any of the passengers.