WHEN five-year-old Maia Sellers said that she wanted to post a picture to the Queen, mum Heather Worswick humoured her and told her to get an envelope.

The mother-of-one did not think that little Maia’s picture would actually reach the Queen — or that she would even get a reply.

The youngster, now aged six, posted her picture — a drawing of Her Majesty — in an un-stamped envelope addressed to: “The Queen, Buckingham Palace”.

On the picture, she had written her name and that she lived in Anderby Place, Westhoughton.

For weeks after sending the letter in December, the St Bartholomew’s School pupil checked her letterbox for a reply.

But she had completely forgotten about it earlier this month when her mum discovered a letter had arrived from Buckingham Palace.

Ms Worswick said: “It was just before Christmas and she was sitting at the dining room table drawing and I was busy cleaning. She said she had drawn a picture for the Queen and could she send it to her.

“I wasn’t really taking much notice because it was before Christmas, and told her to get an envelope, and then when we were in Westhoughton she asked to post it. It sounds awful, but I was just sort of humouring her really.”

But despite not having a stamp on or a complete address, the letter made its way to London and the gates of Buckingham Palace.

Ms Worswick has praised the staff at the post office and the Royal Mail for their goodwill and said it is “amazing” they received a response. The letter, from a lady-in-waiting, thanked Maia for her picture and said the Queen had appreciated it.

Ms Worswick said Maia had been “overwhelmed” by the response and had taken it into school for “show and tell” and for the school assembly.

“I just think it is wonderful that the letter got there and then they took the time out to write back to her and thank her.

“It wasn’t a generic letter just sent to everybody, she thanked her for the picture she had drawn of the Queen. Maia was delighted and is really excited about it and took it to see her 91-year-old great-nana who was very excited too,” she added.