IT was not just A-list actors and directors who were caught up in the excitement of the Oscars.

University of Bolton graduate Jon Moss was eagerly awaiting the results after earning his first film credit on one of the biggest films of the year, Les Miserables.

The 23-year-old special effects development graduate saw the film on which he is credited as a trainee technician for miniature elements effects win three Academy Awards, for best sound mixing and best make-up and hair, while Anne Hathaway was named best supporting actress. Mr Moss, who works as a freelance prop, model and set designer and maker, worked on the water effects of the film’s grand opening sequence, which introduces the film’s main character, Jean Valjean, played by Hugh Jackman.

When Mr Moss initially took on the job with special effects company Artem, he did not even know what the project was.

He said: “It was slightly weird working on such a well-known film.

“It was only later in the project I realised what a big film this was going to be.”

Working on a Hollywood epic’s special effects is not all glitz and glamour, Mr Moss said.

“Mostly I was helping to prepare the water tank and green screens for shoot day.

“Then on the shoot day I was helping, when necessary, including creating waves for the water tank.”

He added: “I didn’t know I was going to be credited for my work until I went to see it with my family and my name scrolled past on screen. That was a bit weird but very cool.”

Mr Moss, who graduated in 2010, is now working on another freelance project with a company called Hot House, making props for a top-secret live event.