GIANT potholes are wreaking havoc for drivers in a rutted street in Farnworth that has been dubbed by residents as “the worst in the country”.

Furious residents in Rawson Street say some of the potholes stretch up to 20ft in patches and have not been repaired for years.

One resident, who did not wish to be named, said: “These potholes have been here for almost two years.

“One at the top, near Market Street, is almost 20ft long.

“It’s a busy road and it’s the only access to the cemetery. It must cause a lot of damage to cars driving down there.”

The 69-year-old said he has complained to the council on numerous occasions, but no repairs have been done.

He added: “I have never come across a road like it in my life and I often travel across the country.”

Another resident, James Mitchell, aged 82, said: “The potholes are terrible at the top of this road near the town hall. They’re all across the road right down to the school. It’s a big problem around here.”

One resident, who also did not wish to be named, said: “This road is the worst in the country. It’s awful and it’s an absolute disgrace that it hasn’t been repaired, especially when you have hearses driving up and down to the cemetery. These potholes are enormous.”

But Bolton Council said the ruts in Rawson Street are due to “surface stripping” and are not potholes, blaming the problem on the weather.

Highway chiefs have agreed to inspect the road with a view to carrying out short-term repairs.

A council spokesman said: “Our highway inspectors have already identified the poor condition of the road surface on Rawson Street.

“The defect is caused by surface stripping rather than localised potholes.

“The council is aware of numerous locations where road surfaces are deteriorating following the harsh winter season, and has developed a plan to address the worst of these based on the results from our condition assessments, within the finances we have available subject to council approval.

“In the meantime, our inspectors will undertake periodic inspections and arrange remedial repairs as and when appropriate.”