SIBLING and musical rivalry were put to one side so the show could go on for an Australian band.

When the City of Cockburn Pipe Band, from Western Australia, planned a visit to the UK, they knew the cost of transporting instruments as big as a bass drum from one side of the world to the other would not be a cheap affair.

So the band’s president George Alexander contacted his sister Jasmin Hyland, who is the pipe sergeant of the Bolton Caledonia Pipe Band, to borrow a bass drum.

And not only was the band happy to help — they went one step further with band secretary Alec Bingham offering the services of his Little Lever sign-writing company, AB Memorials and Signs, which put the Aussie band’s name on the side of the drum.

As part of the Aussie band’s two-week visit, they will take part in the World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow on the August 17.

Mr Bingham said: “The band asked if they could borrow a bass drum, and because of the links between the bands, we lent them one and saved them money.

“There was no sibling or music rivalry. Jasmine will actually pipe with them to help them because coming from Australia is no cheap affair, and not every member would be able to get holidays and come over.”

Jasmin has been living in Bolton since 1985 and her brother emigrated to Australia 10 years ago.

But their love of playing the pipes means they meet up at performances Jasmin, aged 50, who lives in Bradshaw, said: “I am always invited to join his band when he performs.

“Last year, I performed on Fifth Avenue in New York on St Patrick’s Day. Next year, they are going to Shanghai, which is another opportunity of a lifetime. So I am happy to help him lighten the load.”

She added: “It gives me chance to see my brother at the same time.

“I may have the chance to play in Australia when I go over at the end of the year.”

“I have to concede that he is slightly the better musician than me because he has been playing in pipe lands longer than me and he is my older brother.”