A SUPERMARKET was forced to shut after a flash flood caused by heavy rainfall in Farnworth.

Asda in Brackley Street shut for about half an hour when rainwater flooded the front foyer through the side fire doors.

The heavy rainfall and thunder storm lasted about an hour, prompting an influx of calls to the fire service.

Firefighters attended the Asda store and advised staff to grab their mop and buckets to dispose of the water. The shop fully reopened at about 5pm.

The cellar of a wine shop in Brackley Street in Farnworth also flooded, and Pilkington Road in Kearsley was blocked by 30cm-deep water.

Karsten Boyle, watch manager at Bolton Central fire station, said: “We did have a number of call-outs following a spell of heavy rainfall but all we could do is offer advice.

“We would only assist with flooding in an emergency if someone’s life is at risk.”