IT is the scene of many a dramatic twist and turn on its famous stage.

But the Octagon Theatre has swapped play plots for pint pots in its latest venture — after launching an eponymous beer.

Bottles of Th’Octagon — a quirky reference to how some locals may pronounce the name of Bolton’s premier theatre — are now on sale in the venue’s bar.

The brew, produced by Dunscar Bridge Brewery, even features a picture of one of their own staff members on the label.

Andy Smith is chief electrician at the theatre and is the sound designer for most productions that are performed on the Octagon stage.

He donned a flat cap and scarf to help produce a retro black-and-white image for the beer.

Andy said: “I’m absolutely delighted to be the face of Th’Octagon beer. I’ve worked at the Octagon for 12 years, and this is definitely one of the most unusual things I’ve been asked to do.

“I can only take it as a compliment that they want my face on the bottles—I’m usually hidden in the control room.

“And the beer itself is delicious.”

An Octagon spokesman added: “Th’Octagon is a beer from a local brewery.

We believe in sourcing and using the best quality local produce.

“We take pride in our community and region and wish to reflect this not only on our stage, but also in our food and drink.”