A DISABLED grandmother hit out at housing officials after she claimed they refused to fix her fence after high winds blew it down.

Julie Grundy said she was worried about being a target for burglars and that her pet Shih Tzu dog would escape from her home at Craven Place, in Johnson Fold.

After the fencing was flattened during December’s bad weather, the 49-year-old called the Bolton At Home’s repairs team as she said her tenancy agreement — dated November, 2012 — said fixing it was the organisation’s responsibility.

However, she said she was told that she would have to repair it herself, and claimed the terms of her tenancy had been changed.

Ms Grundy, who suffers from emphysema, and fibromyalgia, a condition that causes extreme tiredness, said: “I wouldn’t have taken the flat if I thought I was responsible for the fencing, “I’m registered disabled, my mobility is poor and I can’t go anywhere unless someone comes with me. There’s no way I can secure the fence.

“My dog, Minnie, has gone missing twice while the fence was down. One time she was gone for almost two hours. I was out of my mind with worry, scared to death of the dog warden picking her up.”

A spokesman for Bolton At Home said nothing in her tenancy agreement had been changed, and that the fence would be made safe.

He added: “We are currently completing a fencing programme in the Johnson Fold area. We will temporarily fix the fence on Monday and it will be completed in the next few months.”